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People in the U.S. are living longer than ever before. Many seniors live active and healthy lives. But there's no getting around one thing: as we age, our bodies and minds change. There are things you can do to stay healthy and active as you age.It is important to understand what to expect. Some changes may just be part of normal aging, while others may be a warning sign of a medical problem. It is important to know the difference, and to let your healthcare provider know if you have any concerns.


Having a healthy lifestyle can help you to deal with normal aging changes and make the most of your life.

Family Care Clinics

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291 E. Round Grove Road

Suite 140

Lewisville, TX 75067


Phone:      (972) 242-4440

Fax:      (972) 242-4949




2377 S. Collins Street

Arlington, TX 76014


Phone:      (817) 274-4505

Fax:      (817) 274-4506



Fort Worth

6255 Granbury Rd

Fort Worth, TX 76133


Phone:      (817) 585-1126

Fax:      (817) 585-1127




909 W.Spring Creek Parkway

Suite 480

Plano, TX 75023


Phone:      (972) 517-0600

Fax:      (972) 517-1166 



2010 E. State Highway 114

Southlake, TX 76092

Phone:       (817) 893-9200

Fax:       (817) 893-9300 

North Dallas

11722 Marsh Lane

Suite 372

Dallas, TX 75229


Phone:      (214) 366-0061

Fax:      (214) 366-0062



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